Digital design and techie stuff for your next campaign

Looking to stand out from the noise with your brand message? Or maybe you want to promote a new product via social channels?

You’ve got hundreds of things to do and wonder how you’re going to bring everything together for that next campaign idea. You have some vague ideas and some possible graphics but it seems that everything is so mismatched that you wonder how you’ll ever going to get it all together.

Maybe you’re after a full blown digital campaign from concept to completion? Or something smaller like a range of branded display ads that you’ll link to your Google Adwords campaign.

Outsource the design and production to me and I will bring together all the possibilities of your campaign so it flows and communicates the right visual message to the right target audience.

And i’ll interpret your brand guidelines at lightning speed so you’ll have amazing digital on-brand assets that show your company off in the best light.

Supply me a brief and I’ll make sure that all those disparate ideas will all flow together into one tidy unit. Whether it’s a Instagram video, social media banner or digital advert.

And don’t worry about the techie side either. I’m well versed in HTML, CSS, WordPress and After Effects so leaving the nerdy stuff to me will help ease that headache.

Or you may want to combine your campaign with print and digital. I’m versed in both.

I can help you with:

  • Social Media Banners and Assets. I can create and design compelling graphics in multiple formats.
  • Animation – Videos that communicate your offers or bring in brand awareness.
  • WordPress websites and Microsites – Installing, designing, creating graphics and banners and modifying existing sites.
  • Mailchimp and email Campaigns – Designing, implementing and setting up email responders.

Get me to work on your next brief and I’ll create outstanding digital assets which will take you to the next level.

Contact me to find out more