No Insta Likes? 7 Ideas and Examples to Create Captivating Graphics to Keep Your Followers Engaged

I hear you. 

You have an instagram presence, you’re proud of your top notch professional feed. You have a regular posting schedule. 

You’ve even built up a sizeable followers list.

But your stats show that your followers engagement is low. You get some likes, comments, and shares but not nearly enough for the effort you put in.

While you know that followers can be restless, time-strapped or easily bored you begin to question how on earth you’re going to grab their attention and keep them glued to your feed.

Could the design of your posts be switching off your followers? 

IG graphics that wake up your audience

When you marry great text and graphics, you’ll see engagement go up. 

Graphics can inspire, amuse and entertain. And it’s how you visually execute your ideas that can captivate your followers.

And there are a multitude of ways you can visually show off your brand. 

Want me to show you some tips and examples? 


1. “How to Guides” – Graphics Across Several Slides to add Curiosity

Want to illustrate how to use your product or inform your audience how your service works? You can squeeze heaps of information bundled into several easy to swipe slides. These mini guides are a great way of offering practical advice and you can combine both powerful imagery with content.

Example #Secret London:
Secret London shows a collection of inspiring ideas over several slides about what to do in London on a bank holiday. Combining high quality images with text can captivate an audience while giving them inspiration of what to do in the city.

social media instagram design

Instagram Design Tip:
The images do the talking in these posts. Don’t cram too much text in each slide.


2. Shouty Graphics – Posts that break the boredom

If you’re promoting your product or service then graphics that pop are a must. Discounts, events or new services need to stand out from the noise. Promo graphics can be busy with a lot to say in a small space. High quality images, branded fonts, and shouty graphics can pack a punch and engage your followers.

Example #Bring your own Laptop:
Bring your own Laptop are promoting Adobe certified training courses with certificates. Their promo post is tongue-in-cheek, with a call-to-action and an image of Daniel Scott pointing. Obvious, brash and shouty.

Instagram Design Tip:
Adding a clear Call to Action can persuade your audience find out more.


3. The Minimal Graphics – Less can be More

When your feed is full of colour, noise and energy try doing the opposite to get attention. The words can do the talking combined with a 1 colour background. Try the zen look where less is more.

Example #Rocket St George:
A classy serif font against an off-white background with oodles of surrounding space can encourage followers to read on. You’re connecting with your followers’ humour with witty one liners.

Instagram Design Tip:
Be careful with your spacing. Allow your statements to breath. See how minimal you can go.


4. Play on Words – Clever Graphics that Amuse

Combine puns or clever use of fonts to encourage followers to take notice. Connecting with your followers’ playful side can amuse and keep them engaged with your posts.

Example #Sainsburys:
A clever play on words using their corporate font and a huge beetroot. This post is bold, amusing and memorable.

Instagram Design Tip:
Using large playful text and bold cut out imagery gives this post some oomph.


5. Attention Grabbing Graphics – Bold Design that Entices

Bring attention to your audience with posts that have bold text layered over an image that pops. Graphics that are well spaced out, bright with minimal text can break up the monotony of your feed.

Example #Time Out London:
This post brings awareness to their followers about a new ice-cream outlet. It includes a branded font in a white rectangle over a bright high quality image. The block colour pink complements the sweet and sugary ice cream photo shot. Enticing, fun and mouth watering.

Instagram Design Tip:
Keep the graphics in the lower quarter of the post so the image can be centre stage


6. Illustration Graphics – Drop the Photos and Add Intrigue

Rather than using photography, try an illustration look. Illustrations can add something new to your feed and wake up your followers from scrolling fatigue.

Example #Superdrug Mobile:
Superdrug Mobile have included a big, bold and branded illustration combined with text in a fun speech bubble to suit their followers. Using a play on words, this image represents flexibility with their mobile phone contracts.

Instagram Design Tip:
If you are using illustrations be mindful of how they represent your brand and keep the look of the illustrations consistent.


7. Dynamic Graphics – Type that Unifies with Bold Imagery

Make the design of your posts harmonious by working your text around objects or people. Adding clever use of fonts, spacing and bold imagery can break your followers apathy and get them to stick around.

Example #Virgin Active:
Virgin Active are highlighting their Personal Trainer service with a harmonious font and image combination. They have added “spring” in a jaunty way and combined a dynamic diagonal subhead that expresses energy.

Instagram Design Tip:
Be careful how you place your text next to images. Make sure the background is plain so the font is legible and fits with the space around the object.


Inspire and revitalise your fans through the power of carefully designed graphics.

Try illustration graphics, text that displays energy, shouty promos, bold boxes overlaying images or minimal graphics that are striking and compelling.  

Graphics can all be visually interpreted to suit your brand and tantalise your followers.

And waking them up will get you more clicks, shares and comments. 

Whether you’re a Canva pro or you use a designer, the examples in this blog post are an ideal starting point to enhance your IG presence while getting more engagement. 



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